Cover Song Example 1

This is a sound sample of our band. We hope this is what you like - if so, see you at the party!

Cover Song Example 2

We're guessing that you know this song. If you do, we have lots of others you'll easily recognize. We'd love to hear that it's your favorite song!

Morning in Asia

This lounge music was written and performed by our band. We hope it makes you feel the same way we do, as described on the lounge music page. To listen to the demo please press the “Play” button below.

Chopin Prelude in E minor

Chopin Prelude. In conjunction with vintage classical harmonies and modern electronic sounds, you might enjoy this as much as our lighter music.

House Soul

This is an example of the club music that we write and perform. If you enjoy this music, your club's audience might just enjoy it as well.